About Turkey

About Turkey

Turkey is a special country, located in the heart of the world, and is divided by its wide area on the two continents of Asia and Europe.
Turkey is the first country that comes to mind when talking about tourism, medical services, trade and real estate investment.
It is known for its booming economy and rapid growth in business and real estate. The Turkish economy ranks 19th among the largest economies in the world, and is one of the most promising global competitive markets.

Development projects and urban renaissance in Turkey are in remarkable progress, as the Turkish government has implemented many projects within the Turkish 2023 vision that aims to develop Turkey globally in various fields, such as industry, energy, tourism, real estate investment, health, education, technology and other sectors.

Among these projects are the completion of the new Istanbul airport, the Istanbul Canal project, the metro and subway projects, and the Bosphorus bridges projects.
This is what Turkey enjoys, the country of beauty, history, and development, because of its geographical location between the continents of Asia and Europe, its openness to the Western world, and its close connection with the East.

Istanbul is the first destination in the world for real estate investment. This comes as a result for the growth in real estate market, the reasonable prices of real estate comparing to other cities in Europe, the strategic location of Istanbul, as it is the only city in the world divided between two continents, Asia and Europe, Istanbul is one of the vital cities that attracts businessmen and investors, Real estate owners obtain some privileges in Turkey, such as obtaining real estate residency, or obtaining Turkish citizenship if the price of real estate owned by a foreigner exceeds the limit of 400.000$.

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