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Real Estate Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Do foreigners have the right to own properties in Turkey?
Yes, they do. The Turkish Government has issued a decree in September 2012, which gives foreigners the right of owning properties in Turkey.
Q2: What is the tax number? And how to get it?
Tax number in Turkey (vergı numarsı) is a number of your own, you are sometimes asked for it in legal and official transactions or when opening a bank account in Turkey.
You can get it easily through the following:
Bring a copy of your passport and your address in Turkey.
Go to the nearest tax directorate (vergı müdürlüğü) in your neighborhood and ask for a tax number. They will enter your information into the system and give you a card with a tax number of your own.
A simpler way to get a tax number is to go to the official website and get a tax number online by filling out a simple form.
Q3: Are the prices of properties the same for Turkish citizens and foreigners?
Yes. There is a price list which is the same for both Turkish and foreign buyers.
You can be sure that all conditions are the same for all buyers.
Q4: Is the taxation system the same for Turkish citizens and foreigners?
Yes. The taxation system is exactly the same for everybody.
Q5: Wouldn’t I get a cheaper price for properties when I go to the developer directly?
No. Even if you go by yourself or with our real estate consultant, the same prices are offered by the developers.
Q6: How can I open a bank account in Turkey?
In order to open a bank account, first you need to get a Tax number.
After that you need to provide: - A statement showing your current address (it could be an electricity or gas bill, or a bank statement from your country).
- Your passport.
- Your tax number.
Q7: How can I get a residence permit in Turkey?
Foreign visitors can stay legally in Turkey for maximum 90 days with a tourist visa. After they buy a property and get the title deed, this directly gives them one-year residence permit that can be renewed later.
Q8: Can my family get a residence permit in Turkey?
Yes. Your wife and your children under 18 years old can also get a residence permit after your application.
Q9: How to get Turkish citizenship?
You can obtain Turkish citizenship through the following methods:
- Investment with a capital of $500,000 or the equivalent of other currencies in the technological or industrial fields.
- Investment of $400,000 in real estate sector for three years without selling the property.
- Setting up a company and recruit 50 Turkish citizens.
- Deposit $500,000 or the equivalent of other currencies in Turkish banks or the Treasury of the State or the Turkish Investment Fund for 3 years.
Q10: How many properties can I own in Turkish territory? And what is the minimum period the process of buying properties in Turkey takes?
The number of properties you can buy is unlimited. Also, more than one person can own the same property. Concerning the period, on average, purchasing process does not take more than 3 days.
Q11: What is the real estate appraisal law in Turkey?
The Turkish government has imposed this law and obligated all those wishing to buy real estate in Turkey to evaluate the property by competent authorities when obtaining the title deed of the purchased property, whatever the type of this property and whether it is for the purpose of obtaining Turkish citizenship, housing or investment.
To facilitate this process and to ensure that the evaluation is not tampered with, the Turkish government has developed a list of approved real estate appraisal companies, and no real estate appraisal issued by any party that is not on this list will be accepted.
The real estate appraisal report in Turkey is valid for a period of three months from the date of its issuance, and its issuance takes a maximum of three days. All of these laws are in order to increase credibility and security when buying real estate in Turkey.
Q12: What is the minimum requirement for obtaining a real estate residence permit in Turkey?
The minimum property price that qualifies the owner to obtain real estate residence in Turkey is $75,000 in major cities such as Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Bursa, Antalya, Gaziantep, Adana, and Mersin, and $50,000 in smaller cities.
Q13: What are the steps for obtaining real estate residence in Turkey?
- Purchasing a property worth $75.000 and obtaining the title deed (Tapu) and the real estate appraisal report.
- Book an appointment to apply for a real estate residence permit.
- Preparing the necessary papers to obtain real estate residence in Turkey.
- Attending the interview at the Migration Directorate in person or by virtue of an official power of attorney for the agent.
- Hand over the required papers and documents to the responsible employee.
- Pay the fees imposed for real estate residence in Turkey.
- Waiting for the approval of the real estate residence permit by the Immigration Department.
After approval of your application for obtaining a real estate residency, the real estate residency card will be sent to the home address, which was registered when the papers were submitted.
Q14: What are the documents required to obtain a real estate residence permit in Turkey?
- Application paper for obtaining real estate residence.
- A passport valid for a period of no less than 6 months.
- A copy of the stamp of the last entry into Turkey.
- Seismic insurance for the property (DASK).
- Medical insurance.
- The family book is translated into Turkish, and certified by the notary public in Turkey (Noter).
- The title deed document registered in the name of the property owner.
- The real estate appraisal report, and it must be equal to the aforementioned minimum to ensure approval of the real estate residency.
- 4 personal photos.
- Having a fixed monthly income of at least $500 per month.
- Having a bank account.
Q15: What are the conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship by purchasing a property?
- Purchasing a property or a group of properties on Turkish lands with a value of at least $400.000.
- Maintaining the property and not selling it for at least 3 years.
- The person wishing to buy a property and obtain Turkish citizenship must hold one of the nationalities that are allowed to own and buy real estate in Turkey. This law includes most nationalities except for the following nationalities: Syrian, Armenian, Cuban, Nigerian, and North Korean.
Q16: What are the official papers required to obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate investment?
- A copy of the property title deed in Turkey (Tapu) certified by the notary public.
- The real estate appraisal report, issued by an accredited Turkish institution, and not exceeding 3 months from the date of submitting the application for Turkish citizenship, and the value of the property registered in the property appraisal report must be in accordance with the amount registered in the title deed (Tapu).
- All original payment receipts from the buyer's bank account.
- All original receivables from the seller's bank account.
- Receipt of proof of payment of the Turkish citizenship application tax.
- Authorization from the buyer to a certified Turkish lawyer to submit the Turkish citizenship file.
- A copy of the real estate owner's passport translated into Turkish, and the passport of the wife and children under the age of 18 and certified by the notary public.
- A copy of the marriage contract translated into Turkish and certified by a notary public.
- A document proving the place and date of birth (birth certificate) for all family members, translated into Turkish and certified by a notary public.
- A non-judgmental document for the owner of the property and his wife, to be extracted from Turkey.
- A family statement document or family book, translated into Turkish and certified by a notary public.
- Two personal photos for all family members.
- Obtaining a tax number for all family members.
Q17: Is residence in Turkey required to obtain Turkish citizenship?
It is not required to reside in Turkey, not even to come, as it is possible to appoint a lawyer for our company or any trusted person in Turkey to do this process completely.
Q18: Can I sell the property after obtaining Turkish citizenship?
The property can only be sold after 3 years from the date of purchase, and you must write a pledge not to sell the property for 3 years, and this pledge is recorded in the title deed (within the title deed).
Q19: Is it required to reside in Turkey after buying a property?
Residency in Turkey is not required after purchasing the property.
Q20: Is knowledge of the Turkish language required to obtain Turkish citizenship?
Proficiency in the Turkish language is not required to obtain Turkish citizenship.

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