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Live, Invest, & Shop in Style in the Ultra-Modern Istanbul Twin Towers

It’s the only project in Maslak area that offers luxury apartments with Bosphorus views. 
This project is the first in Turkey with the concept of 'Artful Living', which offers a lifestyle intertwined with art, it highlights design and functionality with an architectural integrity.
In this project, which is preparing to become an art center that Istanbul and the world will closely follow; There are 445 residences, all with balconies, in addition to 16 penthouses and 91 offices, located in two 42-floor towers. 
In apartments with a ceiling height of 4 meters, you are only an elevator away from your work or shopping.
The project offers different types of residences, with studio, 1+1, 1.5+1, 2+1 and 3.5+1 flat options.
Add value to your life with the signature of Sinan Kafadar and Hüray Erk/ Metex Architecture, one of the most respected architects of Turkey. 
The best brands used meet high quality expectations.
The project was awarded the LEED GOLD (Green Building) level certificate with its residences and penthouses in a tower.

Smart Home Tech & Ocean Views. Unveiling the Most Advanced Apartments in Istanbul

The project has an area of 62.500 sqm of sea-faceted zone. It consists of 7 residential buildings with 16-17 floors that include 239 apartments. It also includes 2 luxury hotels. 
Privileges of this project are not limited with its perfect architecture or its location. You will understand it better when you see your home.
Wide and fresh living space fitted with first class architectural material, balconies, terraces, gardens... You will not desire to leave your home in this project, the address of a life on high standards.
Interact with your visitors, security, lobby and site management through your video intercom system, or maybe you should visit the project and explore your smart home on the spot.
You’ll always enjoy the view of the sea when you're watching TV, eating, and while you're spending time with your loved ones.
You will find peace at home with the wide and fresh bedrooms, dressing rooms and so more.
This project is located in Bakirkoy area, on the European side of Istanbul, close to the highway and main road.

Apartments Investment with the Most Important Enjoyments in Life; Family, Nature, and Entertainment

Apartments offer a serene lifestyle embraced by nature, where they can enjoy all aspects necessary during daily life without sacrificing any comfort or convenience due to its convenient location in the city center.
It is a family-oriented lifestyle project, in Bahcelievler, on the European side of Istanbul.
The project is situated in the Bahcelievler district, one of the most promising areas on the European side of Istanbul. The neighborhood is also well known for being home to the elite. 
The project consists of 11 blocks that contain 796 housing units and 29 commercial units. 
The total land area of the project is 120.000 sqm, the total construction area is 70.000 sqm, and the total grove area is 42.000 sqm.
The total number of parking lots in the project is 1700.
This project was designed to facilitate the most important enjoyment in life; nature, entertainment, and family. Each apartment in the project has at least one balcony and every block has a terrace with impressive scenery.
Various amenities in this project making it a bustling center of life and attraction. Furthermore, the well-planned settlement and the tramline around the project increase its value in the market, thus guaranteeing a profitable investment.

Affordable Prices, High Capital Appreciation, and Value Increasing Location

This project, with its stunning Golden Horn views, central location, and modern design, offers the perfect blend of history and luxury.
Spacious rooms and rich social areas, where you can live, work, and entertain in true Istanbul style. 
The project has a land area of 71.033 sqm, and a construction area of 361.223 sqm. It consists of 18 blocks, with 1453 units, from 1+1 to 4+1, in addition to 15.700 sqm green area.
10 minutes away from the historical and central places of Istanbul, especially the golden horn, provides you with great convenience in daily life. Enjoy the convenience of being close to public transportation, universities, historical sites, and lush parks. 
Don't miss your chance to live in the heart of Istanbul's rich cultural heritage with modern comfort and style. 
By combining modern luxury living with the timeless elegance of its architecture, the project is creating a community that honors the past while embracing the future. 
The project is being built by one of the renowned developers in the international Turkish real estate market, with 35 years of experience.

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