Turkey is preparing to receive more than 53 million tourists in 2023
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Turkey is preparing to receive more than 53 million tourists in 2023

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Turkey's star shined again in the field of tourism this year, as Turkey was able to overcome the crises that faced the tourism sector globally during the Corona pandemic by taking sound steps in the field of tourism.

In an interview with Mehmet İşler, Vice President of the Federation of Operators and Workers in the Turkish Hotel Sector, to the Turkish Anadolu Agency, he said that Turkey witnessed a good and exceptional tourist season this year, and stated that the large number of tourists during this season is an indication of the success achieved by Turkish tourism through cooperation between the two sectors, public and private, in order to find effective solutions to the crises and problems facing the field of tourism.

It is worth noting that the current statistics show that reservations for the winter tourism season for this year have recorded an increase of 25% compared to the previous year, and most of these tourists are Europeans who have taken Turkey as a tourist destination for them, in order to escape from the high prices and costs of living in Europe, as mentioned by Mehmet Işler. "When European tourists come to our country, they can enjoy a peaceful natural atmosphere, a healthy diet, eliminate exorbitant bills in their home countries, get good service, and participate in a wide range of sports and social activities," he said.

He added, "We will organize tourism offers under the supervision of a team of specialists. These offers include sports and social activities, in addition to offers related to medical tourism and diet."

And he added, "Turkish tourism offers have received wide interest in European countries, especially UK, Germany, the Netherlands and central European countries."

Mehmet İşler expected that the tourism sector in Turkey will receive more than 47 million tourists this year, noting that the goal is to attract 53 million tourists in the next year 2023.


Source: Anadolu Agency

Frequently asked questions

Do foreigners have the right to own a property in Turkey?

Yes, the Turkish People's Assembly issued a decree in September 2012 granting foreigners the right to own real estate in Turkey.

Can I get the property at a cheaper price by buying directly from the developer?

Not true, real estate developers offer the same prices, while our real estate consultant will provide you with all information and details regarding the project and provide you with the best services.

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Foreign visitors can stay legally in Turkey for a maximum of 90 days on a tourist visa, and after purchasing the property and obtaining the title deed, this grants them a one-year residence permit that can be renewed later.

Why Turkey is best for tourism?

Turkey boasts an excellent climate, with summer lasting up to six months in its southern regions. Antalya and Bodrum, the most popular "sun and sea" tourist destinations, particularly benefit from this extended warm season.

What kind of tourism is famous in Turkey?

Tourism in Turkey is predominantly centered around its numerous historical sites and the popular seaside resorts along the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts.

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