Best Seller Projects in Istanbul 2024

The best-selling real estate projects in Istanbul 2024

Istanbul, an ancient historical city that combines authenticity and modernity, is considered one of the most attractive cities for real estate investment in the world, thanks to its strategic location linking two continents, its rich history and diverse culture, in addition to its growing economy and advanced infrastructure. This city is distinguished by the diversity of its real estate projects that meet the needs of all tastes and budgets, from luxury apartments in upscale areas to family homes in modern suburbs. The city offers various investment opportunities, and real estate also varies between residential and commercial, allowing investors to choose the most appropriate for their investment goals. Istanbul is witnessing an increasing demand for real estate thanks to rapid population growth and an increase in the number of tourists and investors. This increasing demand leads to increased property values and investment returns, making it an ideal destination for investors looking for profitable real estate investments. In addition, Istanbul hosts several major real estate development projects aimed at enhancing urban infrastructure and improving the quality of life. These projects include developing new areas, building modern residential and commercial complexes, and establishing entertainment and cultural centers. These developments contribute to attracting more investments and enhancing the real estate value of the city.

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LS266: New apartments in Topkapi Istanbul suitable for investment

Topkapi, Istanbul, Turkey

Start From $ 195.000

  • 54 Sqm Area Start From
  • 1+1 2+1 BedRoom

LS155: The best investment project in Vadi Istanbul area

Maslak, Istanbul, Turkey

Start From $ 380.000

  • 68 Sqm Area Start From
  • 1+1 2+1 3+1 4+1 BedRoom

LS87: Home offices in Basin Express the center of investment

Basin Express, Istanbul, Turkey

Start From $ 255.000

  • 64 Sqm Area Start From
  • 1+1 1.5+1 2+1 3+1 BedRoom

LS82: Luxury apartments in Besiktas near the Bosphorus

Besiktas, Istanbul, Turkey

Start From $ 600.000

  • 65 Sqm Area Start From
  • 1+1 2+1 2.5+1 3+1 BedRoom

LS70: Investment project in Sariyer, the center of business

Sariyer, Istanbul, Turkey

Start From $ 730.000

  • 69 Sqm Area Start From
  • 1+1 2+1 3+1 4+1 BedRoom

LS57: Investment luxury apartments with Belgrad Forest view

Maslak, Istanbul, Turkey

Start From $ 1.000.000

  • 157 Sqm Area Start From
  • 2+1 3+1 4+1 BedRoom
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