Luxury Apartments For sale in Izmir 2024

As we step into 2024, Izmir continues to enchant with its rich history, vibrant culture and perfect blend of modernity and tradition. Amidst the bustling streets and tranquil waterfront, Izmir's real estate market offers an exciting array of luxury apartments for those looking for a lifestyle that seamlessly blends sophistication with the allure of coastal living. The Turkish city of Izmir, located along the coast of the Aegean Sea, has always been a city that captivates its residents and visitors alike. Luxury apartments in Izmir are designed to capture the essence of the city, offering an exclusive living experience in harmony with the city's vibrant atmosphere. Luxury apartments in Izmir are strategically located in prime coastal locations, offering residents stunning views of the Aegean Sea. Imagine waking up to the soothing sound of the waves and panoramic views that stretch beyond the horizon, all from the comfort of your private balcony. Luxury real estate in Izmir is characterized by architectural sophistication that seamlessly combines modern design with the city's rich history. These apartments are not just homes, they are wonderful examples of contemporary living, and reflect the global taste of those who appreciate innovation. High-end finishes, spacious layouts and state-of-the-art technology create an atmosphere of comfort and sophistication. These apartments are designed for those looking for a living space that matches their upscale lifestyle. Security is the top priority in luxury projects in Izmir. Gated communities and 24-hour surveillance ensure that residents can enjoy their luxurious surroundings with peace of mind. Izmir's real estate market has consistently proven its resilience, making it an attractive destination for both investors and those looking for permanent residence or to invest their money.

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LS269: Modern project located in the center of Izmir city

Izmir, Turkey

Start From $ 242.012

  • 78 Sqm Area Start From
  • 1+1 2+1 3+1 BedRoom

LS234: Luxury residential and investment apartments in Izmir

Izmir, Turkey

Start From $ 627.348

  • 156 Sqm Area Start From
  • 3+1 4.5+1 BedRoom

LS231: Luxury residential apartments for sale in Izmir

Izmir, Turkey

Start From $ 285.465

  • 80 Sqm Area Start From
  • 1+1 2+1 3+1 4+1 BedRoom
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