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Villas For Sale in Istanbul

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Villas for sale in Istanbul

The villas in Istanbul are of high quality and have a special aesthetic compared to other Turkish cities. They are distributed in different locations in Istanbul, with various engineering designs and competitive prices compared to the prices of villas in Europe. Istanbul villas are characterized by a developed infrastructure that helps their owners enjoy the best exclusive services, in addition to the high quality of cladding and finishes that are often luxurious and suit the requirements of investors or those looking for stability in Istanbul.


Search for villas for sale in Istanbul

Istanbul villas are modern and luxurious villas with private swimming pools as well as private gardens. Villas are available in residential projects developed by a large number of Turkish construction companies, and these projects helped provide multiple options that suit the client's tastes and family requirements.
Therefore, the villa may have special features such as swimming pools or gardens and even tennis courts and basketball courts that are within the project, as well as the services provided by the area itself, such as transportation, universities, shopping centers, and other things that are available according to each project and its area. Istanbul meets the needs of its clients who are looking for a villa in Istanbul in several areas and are distributed according to the city center or far from the city center, and this confirms that there are a large number of villas that you want to view before completing the purchase process.
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Istanbul villas prices

Istanbul is an important center for investors, especially those looking for real estate investment in Turkey, by owning a villa in Istanbul that suits their investment ambitions. Therefore, according to our consultants, the large size of Istanbul makes real estate prices uneven and different according to each area and according to each project, as there are residential projects that meet the ambition of the client who is looking for investment, but does not meet his needs if he desires housing or stability, so the prices of villas in Istanbul vary according to their location and proximity to the city center. The average prices of villas in Istanbul start from 270.000 dollars and may reach 1.500.000 dollars. This is for luxury villas, which are distinguished by their size and beauty.

What are the best areas to buy a villa in Istanbul?

There are a large number of distinct areas that provide villa projects that suit customers, and most often villas are available with a view of the sea. In general, villas are available in areas such as: Beylikduzu, Buyukcekmece, Bahcesehir, Silivri, Catalca, Arnavutkoy, these locations which most customers want to buy a villa in, and it is considered one of the strategic locations.


Villas for sale in Istanbul by the sea

Istanbul is distinguished from other Turkish cities, as it has two parts separated by the famous Bosphorus Bridge, and the great advantage is that it is surrounded by the sea from almost all sides, especially the Marmara Sea, so Turkish construction companies provide the opportunity to own villas in Istanbul with a view of the sea easily, as it provides many areas of the two sides of the city have the opportunity to buy a villa with a view of the sea, such as Beylikduzu, Uskudar, Arnavutkoy, Silivri and many other areas. Most of the villas are characterized by swimming pools, gardens, playgrounds, saunas, a sports center, and other things that provide all means of comfort.

Villas for sale in Istanbul on the Bosphorus

A number of people are looking for the opportunity to enjoy housing with a view of the charming Bosphorus, and some of them want to buy a villa or a historical mansion. These specifications are available in areas of Istanbul such as: Uskudar, Kandilli, Beykoz, Sariyer, and Besiktas, noting that the prices of villas in these areas are very expensive. The fact that these areas are in the city center.


Cheap villas for sale in Istanbul

There are a good number of cheap villas scattered around Istanbul, especially on the Black Sea side of the Asian side, and also in areas such as Buyukcekmece and Silivri, and you can compare the prices and offers available with other areas.


What can Luxury Signature offer?

Among the services provided by Luxury Signature to its clients are the management and supervision of residential, commercial or investment properties in general, and this includes repairs, ongoing maintenance, security, maintaining properties in good condition, follow-up and renewal of contracts.
The real estate management service also includes operating and benefiting from these properties, such as leasing and reselling them, and this is very similar to the role of management in any business.
We help you meet your desires and achieve your real estate investment goals, provide detailed rental records while ensuring compliance with lease terms, communicate with tenants periodically, fulfill legal obligations, and operate real estate permanently to achieve maximum benefit for the property owner.

Frequently asked questions

What is the average apartment price in Istanbul?

The prices of apartments in Istanbul vary according to several things that must be taken into account before buying a property, such as the location of the apartment, its proximity to vital centers and transportation, the size of the apartment and the number of rooms, the type of building of the property, whether it is within a residential project or an ordinary apartment, and you can find apartments with low prices or high prices according to your request for sure.

What distinguishes Beylikduzu district in Istanbul?

It is one of the most famous and modern areas of Istanbul. It has recently been able to attract all investors who are looking for the finest neighborhoods to buy apartments for stability or investment, due to its privileged location. Beylikduzu is located north of the Sea of Marmara, and it is about 31 km away from the city center. It is characterized by its modern and luxurious residential complexes.

What distinguishes Bahcesehir district in Istanbul?

It is located on the European side of Istanbul, and it belongs to the municipality of Basaksehir, and is famous for its dense gardens and picturesque nature. Bahcesehir is 25 km away from the city center, and the district has witnessed great urban activity in recent years.

Is it safe to buy a property in a project under construction?

Yes, provided you verify the reputation of the developer and check all legal documents and official approvals. It is advisable to work with a specialized lawyer to ensure protection of your rights.

What types of residential properties are available in Turkey?

The available types of residential properties include apartments in high-rise buildings or gated communities, standalone or shared villas, traditional houses, and luxury serviced apartments.

Is it advisable to hire a real estate agent when purchasing property in Turkey?

Yes, it is advisable to hire a reputable and licensed real estate agent to facilitate the property search and purchase process and to ensure that transactions are conducted correctly and legally.

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