The best projects with sea view in Istanbul
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The best projects with sea view in Istanbul

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The city of Istanbul, which attracts the world and captures their hearts with its natural beauty and wonderful weather, the charming Bosphorus, the seas, forests and gardens, its mosques and churches where religions meet, its ancient history that is reflected on its walls, the rapid development that draws attention, and its adherence to Turkish customs and traditions, all these factors made it distinguished and unique as a city. It is unlike any other city in the world.

Those wishing to invest in real estate go to Turkey in general and Istanbul in particular to invest their money in a sound manner and obtain guaranteed profits, due to the continuous growth and high credibility of the Turkish real estate market and the increase in the investment value of real estate.

In this article, we will mention a number of the best sea view projects in Istanbul.


LS29: Luxury project with direct sea view designed by FENDI

A luxury residential project, suitable for families, located in Zeytinburnu, on the European side of Istanbul.

The project features a direct view of the Marmara Sea. There is also a bridge inside the project through which you can reach the sea on foot. You can imagine the luxury of having the sea just steps away from your home!

All residential units within the project are equipped with a smart home system, and the materials used in construction and finishing are of the highest quality and with famous brands.

There are several options and styles of apartments within the project to suit everyone's needs and tastes.

Within the project, there is a famous restaurants and cafes area under the name of Fisikhane, which includes many diverse international restaurants, in addition to a bazaar, a library, coffee shops, pastry shops, and boutiques.

The project has an international school so that your children can get the best educational services without having to leave the complex.

The project is located in Zeytinburnu, near the highway and the metro station.

buyukyali istanbul

LS10: The best family-concept homes with sea view

One of the most luxurious projects in Istanbul, a huge project located directly at Beylikduzu Marina.

The project includes apartments and private villas overlooking the sea, in a quiet area suitable for living and spending holidays.

There is a marina, yachts, restaurants and cafes area, bazaar, concert theater, sports club and many entertainment facilities just steps away from your home.

All apartments and residential units in the project have large balconies to enjoy the sea view.

The location of the project is very special near the main road and 15 minutes from the metrobus.

deniz istanbul

LS6: Luxury homes in Asian Istanbul on the Bosphorus

This very luxurious project, which is located in Asian Istanbul, specifically in Uskudar area, is characterized by its charming view of the Bosphorus Strait.

In addition to its Bosphorus view, the project is distinguished by its exquisite and innovative interior designs.

All residential units in the project are equipped with high-quality materials and luxury brands.

It is a luxury residential project built by a well-known construction company in Turkey.

The project is surrounded by lush trees, scenic landscapes, and quiet stone paths.

The project has a variety of apartment styles to suit all tastes, ranging from 3+1 to 5+1.

The kitchen is equipped with the latest appliances, including a dishwasher, electric stove, refrigerator, oven, microwave and extractor hood.

nef kandili istanbul

LS7: Luxury apartments directly on the sea in Istanbul

This project is the perfect choice for those who want to enjoy a luxurious life directly overlooking the sea.

The project is characterized by its very wide balconies, so that you can enjoy every corner of the sea view.

The project is very luxurious and promises its residents a luxurious life in the most prestigious neighborhoods of Istanbul, in Bakirkoy, on the European side of the city, near luxury international hotels.

This project is considered the most luxurious among other marine projects, as most of the apartments in the project have a full sea view.

The privileges of this project are not limited to its ideal architecture or its location only, it offers spacious and new living spaces equipped with first-class materials, balconies, terraces, and gardens await you.pruva 34 istanbul

Frequently asked questions

What are the luxury services offered by sea view apartments in Istanbul?

Apartments with charming sea views in Istanbul are synonymous with luxury living. The developers have spared no effort in creating exceptional amenities that cater to the residents desires for rest, relaxation, and entertainment. Fitness centers, swimming pools, spa facilities, and landscaped gardens are just a few examples of the amenities available within luxury residential projects in Istanbul. In addition, some apartments offer exceptional beach access within walking distance from your home, allowing residents to enjoy the sea and sunshine in high luxury.

What are the main reasons why investors prefer to buy sea view apartments in Istanbul?

- Enchanting beauty and stunning views.
- High rents and resale potential.
- Prestigious lifestyle and amenities.
- Strategic location and urban facilities.

Is investing in apartments overlooking the sea in Istanbul a profitable investment?

Investors are attracted to the Istanbul real estate market due to its positive growth prospects. The strategic location of the city, strong economy, government incentives, and ongoing urban development projects contribute to providing a favorable climate for investment. The position of Istanbul as a global center for trade, culture, and tourism also ensures a continuous flow of visitors and constant demand for high-quality luxury properties, especially those overlooking the sea. This optimistic outlook enhances the long-term investment potential of sea view apartments in the city.

What is the most fancy area in Istanbul?

Bebek is one of the most luxurious neighborhoods in Istanbul, known for its numerous high-end villas and upscale residential communities. Additionally, Uskudar features relatively high real estate prices, especially near the Bosphorus, where luxury villas and apartments are prevalent.

What is the fanciest street in Istanbul?

When it comes to exclusive, luxurious areas in Istanbul, Bagdat Avenue stands out. Stretching for 14 kilometers, it is one of the longest and most prestigious streets in the city.

What are the popular areas with residential complexes in Istanbul?

Residential complexes can be found in many areas of Istanbul such as:
- Basaksehir.
- Beylikduzu.
- Zeytinburnu.
- Maslak.

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