The most important museums in Istanbul
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The most important museums in Istanbul

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Istanbul has a set of features that make it a tourist destination for many visitors from around the world. In addition to the beauty of nature, the wonderful atmosphere, security, and safety, we find that it includes many unique museums, including Islamic museums, historical as well as modern ones. In the following lines, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide to the most important and famous museums in Istanbul.


The most important museums in Istanbul... Enjoy an enjoyable experience and do not miss these museums

Museums in Istanbul play an important role in the tourism sector, as many visitors come to visit them every year to learn about the history of this ancient country and enjoy a mixture of fun and knowledge. Here are the 7 most important museums in Istanbul that we recommend visiting:

  1. Turkey's Islamic Museum... Learn about the history of Islamic civilizations

  • The Museum of Islamic Civilizations is part of the Buyuk Camlica Mosque complex. This museum was opened in 2019 to become the largest mosque in Turkey.

  • The museum is characterized by its modern architectural design, and its diverse collection that presents visitors with Islamic history in an exquisite way.

  • The museum provides visitors with a unique experience to get to know the Islamic civilization more deeply, through interactive presentations that give visitors an opportunity to feel the wonderful historical legacy.

  • The museum includes many carefully selected artifacts from the most prominent Turkish museums that were displayed in the museum's sections. There are exhibits that represent Islamic architecture, and scientific exhibits that were a product of Islamic civilization, in addition to an impressive collection of weapons and tools used in the Islamic conquests.

  • The Museum of Islamic Civilizations is divided into 15 sections, including Turkish textile art, exhibits attributed to the Prophet Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace, architectural and artistic exhibits of Islamic art, the Holy Kaaba, Damascus documents, Qurans, scientific and technical exhibits in Islam, calligraphy, Islamic currencies, and conquest exhibits. In Islam, the traditional Ottoman dress... etc.

Turkey's Islamic Museum

  1. Istanbul Museum of Modern Art

  • The Museum of Modern Art was opened in 2004 in the Beyoglu district of Istanbul, in order to preserve rare art objects and display them to visitors in an enjoyable way.

  • The museum's exhibits vary between contemporary art exhibits that include wonderful paintings and artifacts, and historical exhibits that reflect the history of arts in the past dating back to the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

  • The museum provides visitors with exhibits in a distinctive way that illustrate the development in the field of arts between contemporary and past times, through temporary and permanent exhibitions that the museum organizes to add pleasure to the atmosphere.

  • The museum includes a large library that includes a rare collection of books in all fields for reading lovers.

Istanbul Museum of Modern Art

  1. Istanbul Archaeological Museum... Do not miss its visit and engage between different civilizations

  • The Istanbul Archeology Museum was built in 1891 in the Sultanahmet area, and it is one of the most important museums in Turkey. It is the ideal destination for history lovers because it contains a large number of artifacts, equivalent to a million pieces that display history in the most beautiful way.

  • The exhibits in the museum do not represent a particular era, as it includes a group of exhibits and antiquities of the pre-Christian era, and other pieces of the early, middle, and late Middle Ages, and other exhibits on contemporary history.

  • The museum contains special collections that reflect different civilizations, including the Pharaonic civilization, the Assyrian civilization, the Byzantine, Persian, Greek and Roman civilizations.

  • A special corner has been allocated to the exhibits of the Ottoman era, which explains to visitors the history of the Ottoman Empire, and another corner of Islamic civilization, parts of military equipment, folk arts, and ancient architecture.

Istanbul Archaeological Museum

  1. The Snow Museum in Istanbul... Enjoy an entertaining trip among the snowy exhibits

  • The Snow Museum was built in Istanbul in 2010 as an entertainment masterpiece, as it gives visitors the opportunity to spend a pleasant time and a unique experience in an atmosphere with a low temperature of 5 degrees below zero.

  • This drop in temperature is overcome by wearing the thick clothes available in the museum to keep the body warm.

  • The interior design of the museum is characterized by beautiful snowy walls and corridors, as well as a group of exquisite sculptures made of snow.

  • The museum consists of a group of sections, including the Vikings section, which presents introductions to the Snow Museum through writing on ice, and a section dedicated to snow boats that contain figures of snow similar to ancient carvings, in addition to the section on water shows that provide visitors with fun and excitement in a distinctive atmosphere, and do not forget the part of the snow parks in Istanbul for more entertainment and fun.

The Snow Museum in Istanbul

  1. Painting Museum in Istanbul

  • Museum of National Palaces for Painting in Istanbul in the past, it was the private building of the Crown Prince in the Dolmabahce Palace, which was built during the reign of Sultan Abdul Majeed.

  • This museum was inaugurated on March 22, 2014 and was named the Museum of National Palaces for Painting after the restoration of one of the sections of the Crown Prince's building in the palace.

  • The museum includes an impressive collection of unique artistic paintings and drawings that attracted many art lovers with high artistic taste.

  • What distinguishes the Painting Museum in Istanbul is that it contains the largest oriental painting in Turkey, which was previously placed on the waterfront of Saeed Halim Pasha Palace.

  • The paintings and murals in the museum vary between a collection of paintings by the National Palaces Museum, the Topkapi Palace Museum collection, in addition to the Yildiz Palace collection.

Painting Museum in Istanbul

  1. Beykoz Museum of Glass and Crystal

  • This museum was founded in the nineteenth century by order of Abraham Pasha, the servant of the Khedive of Egypt, Ismail Pasha, and he was appointed to the position of minister by Sultan Abdul Aziz.

  • The Beykoz Glass and Crystal Museum was known as the Beykoz Imperial Factory for Glass and Crystal, and it was one of the most important and famous glass factories in the Ottoman era.

  • This building is characterized by its wonderful U-shaped design, in the architectural style of the nineteenth century, with vast areas.

  • The museum presents the stages of the development of the glass industry in Turkey. It also displays the beauty and elegance of Turkish glass products, such as utensils and other works of art that were manufactured in Europe for the Ottoman palaces.

  • The museum contains 12 sections, each of which includes a group of 1480 pieces of glass exhibits.

  • The museum includes a wonderful garden that includes a unique collection of different plants, numbering 117 species, in addition to beautiful trees and dazzling flowers.

Beykoz Museum of Glass and Crystal

  1. Palace Collections Museum in Istanbul

  • There is a museum of palace collections in the private kitchens of the Dolmabahce Palace. The museum contains the palace collection, which are the items that were purchased and presented as special gifts.

  • The museum includes 3 main sections, each section includes private holdings. There is the section for the art exhibition, there is the museum, and finally the warehouse.

  • The palace groups represent many dazzling objects, most notably the personal belongings of Sultan Abdul Hamid II, and some of the distinguished gifts presented to the Sultan on the anniversary of his accession to the throne, the most important of which is a model of Sultan Ahmed III fountain, a silver model of a building, a model of a telegraph pole, in addition to prayer beads, a sword, a whip, and other tools of the Sultan.

  • Among the museum's holdings are educational artifacts that were used by the chefs of his son, the last caliph, Abd al-Majid Effendi. These pieces reflect education and the daily life of the children of the royal family, and how keen Caliph Abd al-Majid Effendi was to educate and raise his daughter.

  • Not only that, but the museum also includes a collection of textiles for children's clothing that were used in the palace during the ruling period, some works that reflect the art of the hat and writing groups, and a distinguished collection of artifacts from the furniture of the palaces, and do not forget the ceramic pieces of the palace that date back to the late Ottoman era.

Palace Collections Museum in Istanbul

In the end, we have presented you with a group of the most important museums in Istanbul. If you want to take a tour that cannot be erased from memory in this wonderful city, take the opportunity and visit these museums to combine entertainment and culture at the same time.

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What is the most visited museum in Turkey?

Hagia Sophia has a rich history, transitioning from a church to a mosque and now to a museum. Since its establishment as a museum in 1935, it has become the most visited museum in Turkey. Hagia Sophia holds great significance for both locals and tourists.

What is the oldest museum in Istanbul?

The Istanbul Archaeological Museum, the oldest museum in Turkey, houses approximately a million artifacts from various cultures, collected from the imperial lands.

Are museums free in Istanbul?

While some museums in Istanbul may offer free admission days exclusively for Turkish residents, the Istanbul Tourist Pass provides skip-the-line entrance tickets, allowing you to maximize your time exploring the city's cultural treasures.

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