Which is better in the Turkish real estate market: a ready project or one under construction?
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Which is better in the Turkish real estate market: a ready project or one under construction?

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Istanbul: A city of immense real estate attraction, especially for foreign and Arab investors. With the growing interest in the real estate market, the perennial question arises: Is it better to buy a ready property or one under construction?


Ready Properties in Istanbul: An Immediate Choice for Security and Stability

When we talk about ready properties, we refer to a safe and guaranteed investment. With the purchase of such properties, the investor immediately obtains the title deed, thus ensuring legal ownership rights without delay. These properties offer the investor an opportunity to start a new life or invest directly by renting. The benefits related to Turkish citizenship and real estate residency are among the main advantages that the investor enjoys when choosing this type of property.


Properties Under Construction in Istanbul: Investing at Lower Costs

Despite the advantages of ready properties, many investors see properties under construction as a golden opportunity for future profits. These properties are characterized by their relatively low prices compared to ready properties, making them a highly lucrative investment opportunity, along with obtaining the title deed directly.


Opportunities and Challenges: A Deeper Analysis

Investing in ready properties is one of the easiest and most guaranteed ways to achieve a quick financial return. Once the amount is paid and the contract is signed, the investor can start benefiting from the property, whether by living in it or renting it out. If the investor intends to obtain Turkish citizenship, owning a ready property can expedite the process.

On the other hand, properties under construction are characterized by their competitive prices and are an opportunity for those looking to invest on a limited budget. Hence, we guarantee you the best and most suitable for you when you contact us.


The Ideal Choice: Between Desire and Need

In the end, choosing between a ready property and one under construction depends on the investor's needs and orientations. Those who want immediate investment and don't mind paying an extra amount might find what they're looking for in ready properties. Whereas those looking for investment opportunities at a lower cost and don't mind waiting for a longer period might find properties under construction as their ideal choice. Contact us, and we will determine the best real estate project for you.

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