The best towers for housing in Istanbul
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The best towers for housing in Istanbul

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Why to invest in Istanbul Towers?

  • Rapid economic growth

Istanbul's economy has witnessed significant growth over the past decades, driven by diversified industries and foreign investments, and the middle class in Istanbul is expanding and growing. The city's strategic location as a bridge between Europe and Asia promotes international trade, making it a commercial and financial center in the region. This economic activity creates a strong demand for modern housing, making the towers in Istanbul an attractive investment option for those seeking to benefit from the city's prosperity.

  • Population growth and urban renaissance

As the most populous city in Turkey, Istanbul continues to see a steady flow of people looking for better job opportunities and a higher standard of living. The residential towers cater to the growing population in urban areas, provide modern amenities and easy access to basic services, making them an excellent investment option to meet the growing demand for residence.

  • Attractive rental returns

The demand for rental properties in Istanbul is constantly rising due to the increase in the population as mentioned earlier. As a result, towers in prime locations tend to have attractive rental yields. Investors can benefit from this fixed income from rentals, especially furnished apartments or those located near commercial areas, universities and tourist attractions.

  • The possibility of increasing the capital

The real estate market in Istanbul has shown a huge capital appreciation over the years. The strategic location, modern amenities and distinctive architecture are intrinsic value of real estate, making it highly desirable by buyers and tenants alike. Investing in a tower with strong growth potential can result in significant capital appreciation over time, providing investors with long-term gains.

  • Various foreign investment opportunities

Turkey's real estate market, including the towers in Istanbul, has been open to foreign investors, which has encouraged international interest and investment. The incentive policies pursued by the Turkish government and the facilities it provides to foreign investors, such as granting Turkish citizenship to real estate owners, have attracted foreign capital to the real estate sector in the city. This influx of international investment contributes to market stability and the potential for sustainable growth.

  • A modern lifestyle that is not devoid of amenities

The towers in Istanbul offer an unparalleled modern living experience, with luxurious amenities and facilities that cater to the diverse needs and preferences of the residents. These high-end properties often include modern fitness centers, swimming pools, spa facilities, and panoramic views of the city or the Bosphorus. These features not only enhance the residents' quality of life, but also increase the desirability and market value of real estate.

  • Cultural and tourist attractiveness

Istanbul's unique blend of historical monuments and vibrant cultural scene makes it a major tourist destination. Investing in towers located near major tourist attractions can be a lucrative opportunity, as short-term rentals to tourists can yield substantial returns. In addition, properties overlooking prominent landmarks, such as Taksim Square or the Bosphorus Strait, are very attractive to both tenants and potential buyers.


Apartments in Towers vs. Apartments in Complexes in Istanbul

As Istanbul's urban landscape continues to evolve, the real estate market offers a wide array of housing options, including apartments in towers and apartments in complexes. Both choices come with their unique characteristics and advantages, catering to diverse lifestyles and preferences. In the following points, we highlight into the key differences between these two types of residential properties, helping potential buyers make informed decisions about the ideal investment for their needs in the bustling city of Istanbul.

  • Architectural identity and height

The most apparent difference between apartments in towers and complexes lies in their architectural identity and height. Towers are iconic structures that pierce the skyline, often boasting contemporary designs and an impressive number of floors. In contrast, apartment complexes are typically low to medium-rise buildings that blend more seamlessly into the surrounding environment. Those seeking a striking visual impact may gravitate towards towers, while individuals seeking a more integrated feel with the neighborhood might prefer complexes.

  • Views and privacy

Apartments in towers typically offer breathtaking panoramic views of the city, the Bosphorus Strait, or iconic landmarks. The higher floors present an opportunity to relish the beauty of Istanbul from a privileged vantage point. However, this elevation may come at the expense of privacy, as neighboring buildings may have a direct line of sight into the apartment. Conversely, complexes often feature landscaped gardens, communal spaces, and lower-density housing, affording residents greater privacy and a sense of community within the premises.

  • Amenities and facilities

Towers in Istanbul are renowned for their opulent amenities, which cater to a luxurious and modern lifestyle. High-end fitness centers, swimming pools, spas, and concierge services are common offerings in these residential marvels. In comparison, apartment complexes provide a wide range of amenities as well, albeit on a smaller scale. Facilities such as playgrounds, communal halls, and gardens are typically available, fostering a sense of community and family-friendly living.

  • Lifestyle and social environment

The lifestyle and social environment differ between towers and complexes in Istanbul. Tower living often attracts a cosmopolitan and upscale community, appealing to those seeking a sophisticated and bustling urban experience. The vibrant atmosphere and modern conveniences in towers attract professionals and expatriates, fostering a diverse and active social scene. On the other hand, apartment complexes cultivate a more intimate environment, with a greater focus on family-oriented living and stronger community ties.

  • Investment potential and demand

From an investment perspective, both towers and apartment complexes in Istanbul offer unique advantages. Towers in prime locations and with iconic designs can have a higher potential for capital appreciation due to their exclusivity and appeal to international buyers. They also tend to generate attractive rental yields due to their allure for both long-term tenants and short-term tourists. Apartment complexes, while not as iconic, may offer stable returns and a reliable rental market, particularly in family-oriented neighborhoods with high demand for rental housing.

  • Pricing and affordability

In general, apartment complexes tend to be more affordable than apartments in towers. The latter often come with premium pricing, reflecting their unique architectural features, central locations, and luxurious amenities. For buyers with limited budget, complexes may provide a more accessible entry into the Istanbul property market, while still offering a comfortable and convenient living environment.


What are the best towers for housing in Istanbul?

LS116: Luxury unique project in Maslak with Bosphorus view

This is a luxury project in Maslak blending elegance and glory by all means.

This project stands out with its central location in Maslak, on the European side of Istanbul. The project is situated directly on Buyukdere street, in short distance to business hubs and important points in the city.

The project presents all the colors of Bosphorus accompanied by 360° panoramic views of Istanbul.

In terms of uniqueness, the project’s architecture is considered “a first in Turkey.” The building is designed as a “composite building with high construction technology.

The project has a land area of 11.067 sqm, and a construction area of 179.022 sqm. It consists of one block with 3 wings as 41 floors, 9 basement floors and 1 ground floor.

The project includes 54 commercial units with a total area of 10.860 sqm, 71 offices with a total area of 10.804 sqm, and 524 residences with a total area of 72.054 sqm.

The unit types in the project are 1+1, 2+1 and 3+1.

rams beyond istanbul


LS30: Residential and commercial towers in the heart of Sisli

The project consists of three towers with one for offices and two for residences and garden offices.

The project is preparing to bring a new aspect to the area by changing the appearance of Mecidiyekoy with its different office alternatives, rich residence life and modern city square.

The towers display the distinctive panoramic scenes of the city reaching out for the Marmara Sea and particularly the Bosphorus with all its facades thanks to this design.

This project is located just beside Bosphorus Bridge in Mecidiyekoy district, the new axis of the business world.

It is collated with life, prestige and luxury in the real center of Istanbul city, where millions meet every day.

The project offers easy accessibility with its location that is within the walking distances to Metro and Metrobus.

torun center istanbul


LS21: Maslak luxury towers with Bosphorus view

It is the only project in Maslak area that offers luxury apartments with Bosphorus view.

This project is the first in Turkey with the concept of 'Artful Living', which offers a life style intertwined with art, it highlights design and functionality with an architectural integrity.

In this project, which is preparing to become an art center that Istanbul and the world will closely follow; There are 445 residences, all with balconies, in addition to 16 penthouses and 91 offices, located in two 42-floor towers.

In apartments with a ceiling height of 4 meters, you are only an elevator away from your work or shopping.

The project offers different types of residences, with studio, 1+1, 1.5+1, 2+1 and 3.5+1 flat options.

maslak 42 istanbul


LS15: Luxury towers in Maslak for residences and offices

A dream-like life for those who want to live life to the fullest, awaits with options to suit every need in this project.

Bringing prestige to residence in the heart of the city, the project expands istanbul under your feet with its 360° view.

A different fairy-tale life in each unit, unique experiences, comfort and technology in all!

All the features of a privileged life, from concierge service to swimming pool, fitness center and wellness center are at the project.

In addition to social facilities, such as a concierge, a fitness and wellness center, and a swimming pool, a fascinating view of Istanbul awaits you in this project, which offers a variety of amenities ranging from studio apartments to 4+1 apartments.

The 4+1 apartments, a combination of comfort and pleasure, present terraces and spacious living areas with a ceiling height of 7 meters, and are preferred especially by large families.

SKYLAND Istanbul


LS4: Luxury Bomonti apartments with Bosphorus view

The life of luxury and comfort that you have always wanted to live awaits you in this project.

The most promising investment projects in Istanbul in the central Sisli district, which is managed by Rotana International Hotels.

The luxury project in Sisli, specifically in the prestigious Bomonti district in the heart of old Istanbul that dates back more than 100 years, is the new preferred area for residents and investors, which is located near the most important transportation hubs in Istanbul, in the city center and its entertainment and cultural heart.

This vibrant and thoughtful project bears the signature and franchise of Tahincioğlu İnşaat, one of the most prestigious construction companies in Turkey that operates under the concept of luxury building and modern design.

The project consists of a 39 floors luxury residential tower in the center of Istanbul, providing residences with amazing views of Istanbul and the charming Bosphorus.

rotana Bomonti istanbul

Frequently asked questions

Can I get an apartment in Sisli or Maslak at a price of $100.000?

No, Sisli and Maslak are among the most expensive areas in Istanbul, because they are central areas and are considered one of the best residential areas in Istanbul, and the price per square meter in these areas starts from $5.500.

Why to invest in Istanbul Towers?

- Rapid economic growth and strategic location as a commercial hub, ensuring a strong demand for modern housing.
- Benefiting from attractive rental returns due to the growing population and increased demand for rental properties.
- Potential for significant capital appreciation over time, driven by Istanbul desirability, amenities, and foreign investment opportunities.

What distinguishes apartments in Istanbul Towers?

Apartments in towers typically offer breathtaking panoramic views of the city, the Bosphorus Strait, or iconic landmarks. The higher floors present an opportunity to relish the beauty of Istanbul from a privileged vantage point. However, this elevation may come at the expense of privacy, as neighboring buildings may have a direct line of sight into the apartment. Conversely, complexes often feature landscaped gardens, communal spaces, and lower-density housing, affording residents greater privacy and a sense of community within the premises.

What is the difference between buying a new property and an old property in Turkey?

New properties may offer modern designs, infrastructure, and better facilities, but they may be pricier. Conversely, older properties might be in central locations and less expensive but may require maintenance and renovation costs. It is essential to weigh the benefits and costs carefully.

How is the rental contract renewed?

The rental contract is renewed through an agreement between the landlord and tenant on the new terms and conditions, and by renewing the contract in writing. It is advisable to discuss renewal well before the contract expires.

What should I do if there is a problem with the property?

If you encounter a problem with the property, you should inform the landlord immediately. If the issue is not resolved, you can turn to local authorities or seek legal advice.

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