Real Estate Investment in Istanbul: How to Achieve Profitable Investment Returns
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Real Estate Investment in Istanbul: How to Achieve Profitable Investment Returns

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When considering purchasing property in Istanbul, it's recommended not to rush and to consult with experts in the field. Regardless of the purpose of the purchase, whether for residency, work, or financial gains, the current real estate market in Istanbul presents excellent opportunities for investors. However, making the right choice in property type is crucial. Hence, we leverage our expertise to offer the best real estate investment opportunities in Turkey.


Istanbul is witnessing continuous growth and development in infrastructure to meet the aspirations of real estate investors. This includes the enhancement and construction of a transport network connecting all areas of Istanbul, along with excellent service facilities like markets and other services that greatly meet the needs of residents. Many companies promote ideal areas for families, offering green spaces, children's parks, and social facilities, making them attractive for living and settling down. But for those seeking profitable investment returns, we provide the best evolving and luxurious projects with very high investment returns. Not just in Istanbul but throughout Turkey, we have comprehensive expertise in the real estate market. Here are our tips to ensure a successful investment in real estate:


Guidelines and Tips for Investing in the Istanbul Real Estate Market:

1: What are the main areas in Istanbul?

Over the years, location has played a decisive role in Istanbul's real estate market. Historically, residential communities centered around areas like Sultan Ahmed and Beyoğlu. However, with rapid development, interest in these areas is declining. The European suburbs of Istanbul are now gaining prominence as key investment areas, a contrast to the past. Istanbul's new airport, located in the Arnavutköy region and being the largest airport in the world, is one factor contributing to this shift towards European suburbs. Additionally, the Istanbul Canal project, which aims to create a new waterway connecting the Sea of Marmara and the Black Sea, is noteworthy. Local councils have made these areas appealing to residents by improving infrastructure, roads, schools, public parks, and transport. Key areas driving Istanbul's real estate market include Büyükçekmece, Küçükçekmece, Esenyurt, Başakşehir, and Beylikdüzü.


2: Providing the option of installment payments without interest and with long-term payment plans

Certainly, the Istanbul real estate market is an ideal choice for investors. Apart from offering competitive prices, property developers also provide long-term payment options without interest. Repayment periods for these plans range from 12 to 60 months for both ready and under-construction apartments. Thanks to these plans, buyers have the opportunity to own a new home. If purchasing a home in the planning phase, buyers can customize the decor to their preferences. This payment method is a much better alternative to both foreign and Turkish mortgages, offering lower interest up to 20%. Moreover, this method provides greater opportunities for capital appreciation.


3: Project Developments

Istanbul is a shining star of performance in Turkey and continues to evolve to achieve leadership. Many massive, modern projects, including the new airport, have already been implemented, putting it on the global map. Currently, areas like Büyükçekmece, Küçükçekmece, Esenyurt, Başakşehir, and Beylikdüzü are witnessing significant growth in investment and tourism, making them ideal for those looking to invest through rental operations. If you're interested in understanding the best areas for project investment, our specialized team is here to help, offering a free real estate consultation with one of our sales team members.


4: How to Obtain Turkish Citizenship Through Investment

The Istanbul real estate market is recording unprecedented numbers for two main reasons. The first is the favorable exchange rate between the Turkish Lira and other global currencies. The second reason is the possibility of obtaining Turkish citizenship through investment, provided the property is not sold for a period of three years.


Guide to Buying Property in Istanbul: Steps and Tips

Gone are the days when buying property in Istanbul was a long-term process. If you're keen on a successful investment, it can take less than ten days to receive your property deeds and property. You can obtain a free real estate consultation with one of our sales team members.

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