Apartments suitable for obtaining Turkish citizenship 2023
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Apartments suitable for obtaining Turkish citizenship 2023

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Buying an apartment in Istanbul is the best investment, whether in the long or short term. It depends on the type of property, its area, the state of the property, and other factors that we will mention in another article. But it is worth noting here that real estate investment in Turkey is promising with high investment returns and guaranteed profits, especially the investment in real estates in the center of Istanbul.


Several amendments were issued to the Law on Granting Turkish Citizenship, the latest of which was on 04/13/2022, which stipulates that the value of the property that grants its owner Turkish citizenship has become $400.000 instead of $250.000.


*Is $400.000 a large sum for buying an investment property in Turkey?

The answer is detailed in a previous article that you can read from this link


Conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship by purchasing a property for the year 2023:

  • Buying a real estate or group of real estate with a value of at least $400.000.
  • Maintaining the property and not selling it for at least 3 years.
  • The person wishing to buy real estate and obtain Turkish citizenship must hold one of the nationalities that are allowed to own and buy real estate in Turkey. This law includes most nationalities except for the following nationalities: Syrian, Armenian, Cuban, Nigerian, and North Korean.


Apartments suitable for obtaining Turkish citizenship 2023:

  1. High-end apartments in Maslak, the center of Istanbul

High-end apartments in Maslak, the center of Istanbul.

In this project, you will be a neighbor to international companies and other business centers.

This project is the only new project with Bosphorus view in Maslak.

The project includes shops, restaurants, cafes and other services that will add value to your life and keep it easier.

This apartment has been designed to enjoy life in the downtown of Istanbul.

The project was built by one of the best developers in Turkey, you will have a privileged life in this very luxury apartment.

Suitable for housing, investing and obtaining Turkish citizenship.

maslak 42

  1. Luxury apartments in Beylikduzu with sea and lake view

Luxury apartments in Beylikduzu with sea and lake views.

This luxury project has a special location in Beylikduzu area, near the metrobus and highway.

The project includes a shopping mall to meet all your needs and have a happy time with your family. 

The project offers apartments with a view of Buyukcekmece lake and the sea of Marmara, in addition to the city view apartments.

It is a family oriented project, with social facilities and sport courts.

avenue istanbul

  1. The most chosen project by investors in Istanbul

The most chosen project by investors in Istanbul.

Investment apartment in the best project in the center of Istanbul.

Large apartment of type 1+1 with an area of ​​111 square meters, suitable for housing or investment.

Bomonti luxury apartments overlooking the sea and the Bosphorus.

The most promising investment projects in Istanbul are in the central Sisli district, which is managed by Rotana International Hotels.

This project is considered one of the best destinations for business owners as it offers the finest working spaces in the city with its unique location, perfect planning, spacious facades, quality of construction, outstanding services and advanced technological infrastructure.

rotana Bomonti

  1. 5 star hotel apartment suitable for investment

5 star hotel apartment suitable for investment.

Fully furnished apartment in the business center in Basin Express area, close to the main roads and the center of Istanbul.

It is the first choice for business people, in a fully serviced tower, with the signature of Rotana hotel management company.

A prestigious life awaits you in this privileged world, with a swimming pool, fully equipped sports areas, and high-quality service management that offers a truly comfortable and luxurious residence.  

Luxury apartment with hotel concept suitable for Turkish citizenship, don't miss it out!

g rotana

How to achieve high profits and benefits from real estate investment?

  1. Determine your goal of buying the property, is it to obtain Turkish citizenship or to invest in general, and if it is for the purpose of obtaining citizenship, you must consider that the value of the property will not be less than 400 thousand dollars.
  2. You must study your budget and determine the amount that you can invest accurately, in order to make it easier for you to search for the required and suitable property for you.
  3. To be widely acquainted with the latest news and developments in the Turkish real estate market, to be aware of the laws related to this, to gather information from experts regarding the future of real estate investment in Turkey, and to be acquainted with the vital projects in the city, such as airports, bridges, metro and commercial centers, because they have a major influence and role in the value of real estate today and in the future.
  4. Dealing with a reliable real estate company with long experience in the real estate market, in order to guide you to the best option and a profitable and guaranteed investment by providing free consultation and conducting a real estate tour for suitable projects, to view the apartments and choose the required property.


Follow us to learn about the latest news of the Turkish real estate market, and to get the latest exclusive offers from Luxury Signature.

Frequently asked questions

Can I obtain Turkish citizenship when buying an apartment under construction?

In the case that the value of the property exceeds $400.000, and a pledge is made not to sell the property for a period of 3 years, and this clause is recorded in the purchase contract certified by the Notary Public, then the property is suitable for obtaining Turkish citizenship, even if the property is under construction or construction work has not yet begun. This procedure is one of the types of facilities provided by the Turkish government to foreign investors, with the aim of simplifying the procedures for obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate ownership.

Can I resell my apartment after obtaining Turkish citizenship illegally?

No, the property cannot be sold until after 3 years from the date of purchase, and you must write a pledge not to sell the property for a period of 3 years, and this pledge is recorded in the tapu (within the title deed). There is another sensitive and opaque rule that investors should be aware of with this law: If the property that was used to apply for Turkish citizenship is sold to the previous owner again or to another person after the expiration of the 3-year ban period, the Turkish Citizenship Office will be able to inquire about the sale to determine whether there was a pre-arranged fraudulent sale between the two parties, and if the Turkish authorities conclude that the sale was pre-arranged and fraudulent, they will be able to revoke citizenship retroactively.

When I get Turkish citizenship, can I sell my apartment to someone else to get Turkish citizenship as well?

Certainly, there is no law that prevents an investor who has obtained Turkish citizenship from selling his property again after 3 years of purchasing it, but the property is no longer suitable for obtaining Turkish citizenship, because Turkish law imposes several conditions, including that the property is bought with the aim of obtaining Turkish citizenship for one time only.

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