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Information about Beyoglu district: 

Beyoglu district is one of the most important areas in the center of Istanbul, and it is a tourist area par excellence, and it contains the oldest and most ancient neighborhoods of Istanbul, and the most important tourist attractions in Istanbul. Beyoglu is the heart of European Istanbul, with an area of 8.66 square kilometers, and a population of 226.396.


Where is Beyoglu located in Istanbul?

Beyoglu is located in the center of European Istanbul, surrounded by the most important areas in Istanbul, Sisli district, Kagithane district, Sultan Eyup district, Besiktas district, as well as the Golden Horn Bay. Beyoglu is one of the closest areas to the Bosphorus in Istanbul, as it is only 10 minutes away from it, and it is only 30 minutes away from the new Istanbul Airport.

Beyoglu istanbul district

Features of Beyoglu area:

Beyoglu is one of the most important tourist areas, as it includes the famous Taksim Square and Istiklal Street, which is visited by tourists from all over the world, as it is the most important landmark of Istanbul. The area has many restaurants, cafes, and shops for the most famous international brands, so it is an ideal destination for those looking to shop in Istanbul. Hotels also spread in the area, so it is a popular destination for tourists. Also, in the area there is the Galata Tower in Istanbul, the most famous landmark of Istanbul, and there is the Galataport Mall, the latest and most beautiful project in Istanbul. It includes shops, restaurants and cafes overlooking the sea and the Bosphorus. It also has a cruise ship station where you can take a luxury tour on the Bosphorus.


Transportation in Beyoglu:

Beyoglu district is distinguished by its location in the heart of Istanbul, and it is a touristic and lively area. Therefore, various types of transportation are available in it. The Metrobus line passes through it, as does the metro, and it can be reached by public buses that connect it to all parts of the city.


Beyoglu real estate:

Beyoglu real estate is characterized by its investment value, because Beyoglu district has all the ingredients that make it ideal for real estate investment, due to its central location, historical importance, and views of the bay, in addition to the famous landmarks and important facilities that the area includes. The idea of buying an apartment in Beyoglu for the purpose of housing, investment, or obtaining Turkish citizenship is an opportunity for guaranteed profits, a luxurious life, and an ideal residence in the center of Istanbul.


Beyoglu Area Properties

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