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Information about Uskudar district:

Uskudar district is the main gateway to the Asian side of Istanbul, and it is the most important and famous Asian district of Istanbul. It is also one of the largest and densely populated municipalities of Istanbul, with an area of 35.7 square kilometers, and a population of 520.771 people.


Where is Uskudar district located?

Uskudar is located on the Asian side of Istanbul, on the eastern bank of the Bosphorus Strait. It is bordered on the north by Beykoz district, on the east by an Umraniye district, on the southeast by Atasehir district, on the south by Kadikoy district, and on the west by the Bosphorus Strait, where it meets on the other side of European Istanbul the areas of Besiktas, Beyoglu and Eminonu.

Uskudar istanbul district

Features of Uskudar area:

Uskudar area enjoys a charming view of the Bosphorus Strait, and it is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Istanbul, as it has many unique monuments and historical places, in addition to urban development and modern projects, and there are a number of Ottoman palaces such as the Beylerbey Palace in Istanbul, and the towers and mosques, where in the Uskudar area, there is the largest mosque in Turkey, which is the Camlica Mosque, which overlooks the Bosphorus, and is located on Camlica Hill, or what is called the Hill of Brides. Also, in the Uskudar area, there is the Maiden's Tower, one of the famous landmarks in Istanbul, which shines in the waters of the Sea of Marmara and attracts thousands of Arab and foreign tourists. In addition to being a tourist area, Uskudar area has a number of the most important residential neighborhoods. It is an integrated area with services. There are schools, universities, hospitals, shopping and entertainment centers, the most famous of which are Emaar Istanbul Mall and Akasya Mall.


Transportation in Uskudar:

Uskudar is the main gateway to the Asian side of Istanbul, so it is well connected with the European side, where it is possible to reach Uskudar via the Bosphorus Bridge or the so-called the 15 July Martyrs Bridge, or the Eurasia Tunnel, as the Marmaray metro line passes through it. Also, the M5 metro line passes through Uskudar, which connects it to the Cekmekoy area, which intersects with the Metrobus line. It is also possible to go to Uskudar by sea transport or ferries. The Uskudar neighborhood is also considered one of Istanbul's largest neighborhoods, with buses and minibuses of public transportation connecting it to most parts of Istanbul.


Uskudar real estate:

Uskudar real estate is characterized by luxury, and its charming view of the Bosphorus. The real estate in Uskudar also varies between investment properties and residential properties, and it varies between residential apartments, hotel apartments, and luxury villas, and it is an area suitable for family housing and for spending holidays.

Uskudar Area Properties

LS319: Residential project overlooking Camlica in Asian Istanbul

Uskudar, Istanbul, Turkey

Start From $ 771.000

  • 123 Sqm Area Start From
  • 2+1 3+1 3+1D 4+1 BedRoom

LS290: Luxury boutique apartments with Bosphorus view in Uskudar

Uskudar, Istanbul, Turkey

Start From $ 362.331

  • 102 Sqm Area Start From
  • 2+1 3+1 4+1 4+1D BedRoom

LS225: Comfortable and safe apartments in Üsküdar, Istanbul

Uskudar, Istanbul, Turkey

Start From $ 573.000

  • 135 Sqm Area Start From
  • 2+1 3+1 3+1D 4+1 BedRoom
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