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District Information

Information about Topkapi district in Istanbul:

Topkapi district is one of the most beautiful areas in the center of Istanbul. It is characterized by a historical character and has investment and tourism importance. It has many monuments. It belongs to the Fatih municipality, one of the largest municipalities in Istanbul. The area is named after the Topkapi Palace, which was the main residence of the Ottoman Sultans for nearly 400 years. The palace has now become a museum and a major tourist attraction, and houses a large collection of Ottoman artifacts and treasures. The area covers an area of 17 square kilometres, and its population is 500.000.


Location of Topkapi district in Istanbul:

Topkapi district of Istanbul has a strategic location in the heart of the European side of Istanbul, and parts of the Topkapi district of Istanbul enjoy wonderful sea views of the Sea of Marmara. It is surrounded by important areas in Istanbul, including Zeytinburnu, Fatih and Bayrampasa.

Topkapi istanbul district

Features of the Topkapi area:

Topkapi area is one of the most important tourist attractions, and it is home to many historical and cultural monuments, the most important of which is the Topkapi Palace. There is also the Hagia Sophia Mosque and the Blue Mosque or Sultan Ahmed Mosque within the area. It is also one of the favorite shopping destinations for tourists, due to the presence of the Grand Bazaar, one of the largest It is the oldest covered market in the world, offering a wide range of goods such as textiles, ceramics and jewellery. In addition to its historical importance, Istanbul's Topkapi district also has a variety of modern amenities and entertainment, including shopping malls and restaurants, the most famous of which is Historia Mall. It is also close to the Zeytinburnu coast and to the Fisekhane.


Transportation in Topkapi:

The Topkapi district has great tourist and historical importance, so it is linked to all parts of Istanbul, so that it is easy to reach and move around, as the E5 highway passes through it, which is one of the most important highways in Istanbul. A major metro in Istanbul, with Topkapi station. In addition, the tramway line passes through the area.


Topkapi real estate in Istanbul:

There are a variety of real estate and apartments in Topkapi, as real estate in Topkapi is available in various sizes and designs, and is dominated by luxury, with stunning sea views, and its central location has drawn the attention of investors to it.

Topkapi Area Properties

LS297: Family project in Topkapi close to the main services

Topkapi, Istanbul, Turkey

Start From $ 552.216

  • 141 Sqm Area Start From
  • 2+1 3+1 5+1 BedRoom

LS266: New apartments in Topkapi Istanbul suitable for investment

Topkapi, Istanbul, Turkey

Start From $ 195.000

  • 54 Sqm Area Start From
  • 1+1 2+1 BedRoom

LS260: A unique real estate investment in Topkapi in the center of Istanbul

Topkapi, Istanbul, Turkey

Start From $ 368.000

  • 88 Sqm Area Start From
  • 1+1 2+1 3+1 4+1 BedRoom
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