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    Kartal, Istanbul, Turkey

District Information

Kartal district in Istanbul:

Kartal district is one of the most important areas in Asian Istanbul, and it is a vital area with integrated services, therefore it is suitable for housing and families, with a population of 474.514 people, and an area of 38.54 square kilometers.


Where is Kartal district located?

Kartal is located on the Asian side of Istanbul, and is characterized by its views of the Sea of Marmara and the Princes' Islands. Kartal district is surrounded by the areas of Pendik, Sultanbeyli, Maltepe and Sancaktepe.

Kartal istanbul district

Features of Kartal area:

Kartal district is one of Istanbul's most high-level educational and medical services, as it includes 4 government hospitals, 3 private hospitals, and 9 medical centers. Also, Kartal is a residential and family area par excellence. It has many recreational facilities and shopping centers, including the IstMarina Mall. The area also has a beautiful coast called Kartal Coast, along with green spaces and gardens. Kartal area is also a tourist area, in which high-end hotels abound, and it is suitable for those wishing to visit the Princes' Islands.


Transportation in Kartal:

Kartal district is characterized by a transportation network linking it with all areas of Istanbul, as the Marmaray metro passes through it, which connects it to the European side of Istanbul, and the Kadikoy – Tavsantepe metro line, and the E5 main road passes through it in addition to the coastal road, and sea ferries are available in Kartal area through which you can go to the Princes' Islands and Yalova.


Kartal real estate:

Kartal real estate is characterized by a charming sea view of the Princes' Islands, and its distinguished strategic and investment location. It is classified as one of the most prestigious residential areas with rising investment value on the Asian side of Istanbul, where many urban projects and huge and attractive infrastructure projects are growing in the area. Kartal is also an ideal destination for those wishing to own real estate in Istanbul, due to its distinctive calmness and beautiful views of the Marmara Sea, in addition to the integration of its services, the development of its infrastructure, and the presence of modern projects with innovative engineering designs.

Kartal Area Properties

LS270: Very special investment project in Kartal with perfect location

Kartal, Istanbul, Turkey

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LS259: Special apartments with Princess Islands view ready for housing

Kartal, Istanbul, Turkey

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  • 1+1 2+1 3+1 BedRoom

LS230: Sea view apartments in Kartal suitable for housing and investment

Kartal, Istanbul, Turkey

Start From $ 220.393

  • 87 Sqm Area Start From
  • 2+1 3+1 4+1 5+1 BedRoom
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